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 Dani's House - 1A Apartment - Brooklyn Apartment

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Dani's House - 1A Apartment - Brooklyn Apartment Empty
PostSubject: Dani's House - 1A Apartment - Brooklyn Apartment   Dani's House - 1A Apartment - Brooklyn Apartment EmptyNovember 11th 2010, 11:24

“Wake up you ingrate!” yelled Henry, Dani’s father.
It was always like this. Dani’s “dad” yelling at her to get up to go to a school that she didn't even want to go to. She didn’t even call him dad, which made things worse because it reminded Henry that she wasn’t technically his blood. But ever since Dani’s mom died of from a suspicious fire at the theater he had to take care of her
“Did you hear me you little bitch? Either go to stupid little school of yours or go somewhere because you can’t be here while I am at work!” yelled Henry through the locked door.
Dani sat up, her bed or rather what you could call a bed with rusted iron bedframes and the stuffing coming out of the sides creaked loudly, “Yeah! I heard you!”
Henry grumbled something and his footsteps receding. Dani waited until she heard the front door slam close and then she got up to get ready. Dani was a 5’5”, beautiful girl with silky black hair. She was curvy and prettier then the other girls in her school. Her skin was pure white pale since her mom was Lithuanian so she was allowed to go to her prep school, York Prep on a Bi-lingual scholarship.
But Dani didn’t like York Prep. It wasn’t that it was a bad school. It was an awesome school, it had everything and Dani loved the art/drama department there. The problem was that Dani was bullied constantly by a blond, stick figure named Chelsea. Chelsea hated Laura for no apparent reason.
There was no reason for her to be jealous so Dani figured she was just plain mean. She liked to make fun of Dani because she lived in a small apartment or dressed differently or was very pale and looked Goth
After Dani changed into a simple gray cotton tank with a black unbuttoned vest with gold buttons over it, black skinny jeans and her old converse sneakers she left for school. Dani usually never had to actually brush her hair. It was always simply straight and silky. She also never wore makeup because she never liked it. She picked up her binder from the kitchen table that was scattered with last week’s coffee cup and beer bottles. Dani just held her breath as she picked up her book bag with a leather strap and left the apartment.
Dani’s building was small but there were some interesting people who passed through. Mrs. Gulch in 2b gave Laura cookies sometimes if Dani listened to her stories of how she was a pinup girl. Hank, the janitor gave Dani an almost broken iPod and Dani had a friend fix it for only ten dollars. And Kenneth Barnes in 5a was a war hero.
Dani lived at 1a. Henry was the superintendent so he had all the keys even the roof key. Dani slipped it from his pocket when he fell unconscious in front of the TV and practiced for Theater Production 12. And he never noticed. She checked her mail which she found none and headed out to the bus to walk to school.

(is continued in Bus Stop in Street thread)
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Dani's House - 1A Apartment - Brooklyn Apartment
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