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 Madi's House - Apartment 3b

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Madi's House - Apartment 3b Empty
PostSubject: Madi's House - Apartment 3b   Madi's House - Apartment 3b EmptyNovember 21st 2010, 09:26

Madi awoke to the sound of Milo her cat's loud meow. As she blinked her eyes open she saw him sitting beside her bed with big pleading eyes. He probably wanted food, he always meowed when he wanted food or attention. Madi looked at her alarm clock for the time. Uh oh, she was late, really late.

She slid quickly out of bed and stumbled over to her closet and opened the wooden door. A flurry of clothes were laid out in front of her, all different colors and styles. She grabbed a pair of old comfortable jeans out of the pile of clothes on the floor of the closet and put them on.

"The pants are always the easiest," she muttered to herself as she riffled through the clothes that were hanging up. She found a cute blue summer dress with orange and purple flowers on it and threw it on over a black long-sleeve shirt. She knew she didn't have much time so she quickly took a look at herself in the full-length mirror next to her bed on the wall. She looked okay, the outfit was cute but it was missing something and her hair was a mess, still ruffled from sleep.

Madi quickly picked up a thick black belt and put it around her torso, completing the outfit. She slipped on a pair of black flats with little bows on the front and grabbed her shoulder bag with all her books in it as fast as she could and went out towards the kitchen combing out her hair with her fingers. She was sure that her hair stuck up in a few places still but it would have to do since she didn't have time to even brush her hair.

She was so extremely late. Her mom had left a plate of breakfast, bacon, eggs and toast, out for her on the table. Don't know why she didn't just come and wake me up, Madi thought as she grabbed on of the pieces of toast her mom had left out. Her mom had already left for work so she wasn't home to take Madi to school so she'd have to depend on making it to the bus stop on time. Stuffing her toast into her mouth Madi headed out the door towards the bus stop.

(Continued at Bus Stop)
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Madi's House - Apartment 3b
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