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 Keisha's Apartment- 4e- Brooklyn

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Keisha's Apartment- 4e- Brooklyn Empty
PostSubject: Keisha's Apartment- 4e- Brooklyn   Keisha's Apartment- 4e- Brooklyn EmptyNovember 13th 2010, 12:08

Keisha hit her alarm clock several times before finally succeding in turning it off. She laid in bed a moment before dragging herself out of it and taking a shower. She put on her favorite jeans and a brown t-shirt and slipped into a pain of brown boots. She tossed her black hair over her shoulder and grabbed her bookbag. As she entered the living room, Keisha sighed. There was her father, passed out drunk on the couch. Again. She picked up the empty bottles and threw them in the trash. She wasn't going to touch the one still in his hand. She touched the picture of her mom before going out the door and heading to the bus stop.
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Keisha's Apartment- 4e- Brooklyn
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